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Acme5 Lifestyle is an ever-evolving experiment; a Field of Dreams build-it-and-they-will-come endeavor. Starting with the first store on Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica, dubbed the “Urban Oasis,” creative director and designer Anton Goss has created a unique and interesting retail experience. He is currently a sought-after television production designer, with credits that range from Shark Tank and The Ellen DeGeneres Show to The Voice. Goss enjoys the fast-paced world of television design, but something more hands-on and tactile was calling to him. The brand has now expanded with locations in the Pacific Palisades, Yucca Valley, and San Pedro. Each store specializes in a different part of the lifestyle experience, creating a full and robust approach to the design process.  


The original Santa Monica location is the “Boutique,” with artisanal pottery paired with unique succulents and cacti. Rare aloes in mid-century cylindrical clay pots to accent modern living rooms coexist with crystals, sage, palo santo, and Buddha fountains. 

The Palisades location informally referred to as the “Farm,” specializes in giant specimen aloe trees, rare palms, large ceramics planters, stone fountains, and fire dishes. Across from Palisades High School on Temescal Canyon, the Farm is also where acclaimed landscape designer and Goss’s mother, Tessa Goss, heads up the Acme5 landscape design and consulting team.  


Housed in a former 1940s department store with 10,000 square feet of diamond-polished terrazzo floors and bow truss vaulted wood ceilings, the “Showroom” in San Pedro showcases furniture lines carried by Acme5. Mostly imported from Indonesia and Mexico, the brand specializes in bringing high quality, boho-modern style at an affordable price. 

Acme5 Yucca Valley

And lastly the Yucca Valley store, in the High Desert area of Joshua Tree, is the “Cultural Headquarters.” It functions as the creative hub for eco-product development and custom furniture design, and as a nexus for local desert artisans. Acme5 continues to evolve and meander through the stream of creativity and opportunity. 


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