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Acme5 Lifestyle

Acme5 Lifestyle

Acme5 High Desert Style

Acme5 Lifestyle is an ever-evolving experiment; a Field of Dreams build-it-and-they-will-come endeavor. Starting with the first store on Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica, dubbed the “Urban Oasis,” creative director and designer Anton Goss has created a unique and interesting retail experience. He is currently a sought-after television production designer, with credits that range from Shark Tank and The Ellen DeGeneres Show to The Voice. Goss enjoys the fast-paced world of television design, but something more hands-on and tactile was calling...

Domaine de Manville, a Provencal Haven.

Domaine de Manville, a Provencal Haven.

Domaine de Manville, a Palatial Provençal Estate of the Arts  Winter Garden at the Domaine de Manville


The Domaine de Manville was once a progressive farming compound devoted to agriculture, with sheepfolds, barns, and rustic outbuildings dotting its 250 acres. The conversion of the estate into five-star boutique hotel accommodations (complete with a sprawling, naturalistic golf course, soaring atriums, shaded interior courtyards, a spa to disappear in, and nine private villas) was accomplished by architect Mireille Pellen and interior designer Annie Zeau. They combined luxed-up accouterments with traditional construction techniques in order to maintain the historic rural charms of its location in...

Eric Garcetti

Eric Garcetti

Eric Garcetti, a man with a pLAn 

By Bradley Lincoln 

Eric Garcetti is Los Angeles’s first Jewish mayor, and the second Mexican-American and youngest man to hold the office in more than 100 years. The toothsome public official has guest-starred on television series including The Closer and Angie Tribeca, and appeared in the indie film Who Killed the Electric Car? But his most memorable role might be that of an environmental and social champion.  

After POTUS made the blustery, astonishing announcement...

The Ghosts of Ralph Ziman

South African filmmaker shifts his focus to art with a social agenda

Driving around Venice Beach, you’ve probably seen the bold and beautiful street murals of Ralph Ziman. In addition to painting and printmaking, he  is an accomplished filmmaker with more than 400 music videos (for a spectrum of artists such as Ozzie Osbourne, Shania Twain,...


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