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Mavros Luxury Safaris in Zimbabwe

Mavros Luxury Safaris in Zimbabwe

Mavros Safaris in Zimbabwe, Sleep Under the Stars in Luxury

Sleep—we spend a third of our lives immersed in it, but it rarely comes under consideration when we plan vacations. It falls by the wayside as a necessary pause, not an attraction in its own right. But on a wilderness safari in Zimbabwe’s Hwange National Park, sleep is magical. 

Your room is ready

The Mavros family first settled in rustic, beautiful Zimbabwe five generations ago. Their love of the sprawling, vibrant landscape and the Zimbabwean people swelled with each passing year, inspiring them to start Mavros Safaris, the family business of bespoke safari excursions. Visitors can’t help but fall in love with Hwange National Park. Guests move through days unencumbered by schedules or alarm clocks, taking tour guides out to explore a Noah’s Ark of exotic animals, idly enjoying the sounds of chirping birds...

Bolinas: Fiercely Guarded Enclave of Serenity 

Bolinas: Fiercely Guarded Enclave of Serenity 

Bolinas, the Perfect Getaway Spot

As a bohemian coastal village in Northern California, Bolinas exudes serenity. Far off the beaten track, it’s discoverable only to those who specifically seek it out. The initial thought of a first-time visitor might be to sing the praises of this free-spirited community, but you’ll soon realize it’s better to keep quiet and let the village continue on as it is. So tick a lock: You didn’t hear it from us. 

The small paradise of Bolinas hides in Marin County,...


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