Chef Ludo Omelet Recipe

Chef Ludo: LL Cool Chef

Chef Ludo

Ludovic “Ludo” Lefebvre is a humble man who loves humble food: ham sandwiches, croissants, potatoes. That didn’t stop him from working in a three-star Michelin restaurant at the tender age of 14, training with some of the best chefs in his native France, and making a permanent mark on Los Angeles food culture. Chef Ludo moved to L.A. and founded LudoBites, the first mobile pop-up restaurant of its kind, which opened a world of possibilities for himself and other young chefs. He currently runs a few restaurants of his own—Trois Mec, Petit Trois, Trois Familia, and Ludo Bird—and continues to create beautiful dishes that marry French and American traditions. He’s an international sensation and a local treasure, and we pulled up a chair and got him to dish, no reservations. 


 Serves 1 


3 T. Plugra butter, diced 

3 large eggs, whisked 

2 pinches Guérande fleur de sel 

1 ½ T. black pepper Boursin* cheese, in piping tube 

1 t. chives, finely chopped 

Boursin Omelet


  1. Reserve a couple cubes of butter and melt the rest over high heat in a 9 ½” nonstick pan.  Turn down to medium high. 
  1. Pick out any shells, and add eggs to pan with a pinch of fleur de sel With a small spatula, stir in concentric circles from center to edge of pan.    
  1. When eggs are halfway cooked, take off heat and let stand for 30 seconds to create a smooth bottom. 
  1. Pipe Boursin across middle of omelet. 
  1. With spatula, loosen edges of omelet.  Gently roll one side a quarter in. 
  1. Place small cube of butter on top of folded edge and slide spatula underneath omelet to help release it from pan. 
  1. Keep folding the egg over until it forms a nice roll. 
  1. Transfer the omelet to a plate. 
  1. Finish omelet by rubbing remaining butter on top for flavor. Garnish with chives and the rest of the fleur de seland serve. 


*Chef Ludo grew up eating Boursin, the “French Velveeta.” It is a humble ingredient but makes the omelet creamy and peppery. 


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