Chihuly: The Glass Magician

Dale Chihuly at the Catalina Museum

Dale Chihuly is one of the most recognized artists of his time. He’s credited for pushing the boundaries of the glass medium and advancing it from craft to fine art, taking glassblowing beyond the creation of utilitarian forms to create large-scale, gravity-defying assembled sculptures and site-specific installations. His energetic, imaginative artworks come to life in a hot shop with the assistance of a team of glassblowers, a method practiced by traditional Italian glass artisans for centuries. During his career Chihuly has mastered the magical, translucent, and sensual qualities of glass, creating works that transform viewers. Some of his most iconic works and groundbreaking explorations in color, light, and form will be showcased in Chihuly at the Catalina Island Museum.

Chihuly Glass Sculpture

“Much of Chihuly’s art makes reference to natural elements. This makes Catalina Island the ideal setting,” said Julie Perlin Lee, executive director of the Catalina Island Museum. “A museum-wide installation such as this also showcases the versatility of the museum’s galleries and plazas. We look forward to welcoming fans of Chihuly’s work—both new and established—to the island for a unique experience.”

The exhibition offers a rare opportunity to enjoy a major museum exhibition of Chihuly’s artwork in Southern California. Chihuly at the Catalina Island Museum opened to the public on March 26 and remains on view through December 11, 2017.


Catalina Island Museum

217 Metropole Avenue

Avalon, CA 90704



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