Wellness Wednesday, Unplung, Stretch and Indulge

Just Breathe 

Truth be told, everyone needs to log off to recharge. That’s where Unplug Meditation steps in. After founder and CEO Suze Yalof Schwartz learned a three-minute breathing and guided visualization technique from her mother-in-law, Schwartz felt there was a need for a drop-in “blow dry bar of meditation, where you walk in feeling icky and walk out feeling great.” Unplug teaches you how to focus on demand, calm down, and control your mind. More than 400 classes are available, from aromatherapy meditation to breath work to mind-body communication, and all provide the benefits of meditation, including reduced blood pressure and stress, and improved productivity. With its app, Unplug’s expertise and curated curriculum is accessible from anywhere in the world, any time of day. Take a three-minute refocus class between meetings at work or a 45-minute guided imagery session relaxing in your living room, depending on your schedule. Unplug is a great place to begin your meditation journey. One visit can change your day; more can change your life.

Unplug Meditation Center

Unplug Meditation 

12401 Wilshire Boulevard 

Los Angeles, CA 90025



Just Stretch

We all know the importance of stretching. Stretching makes your muscles longer, increases your flexibility, improves your performance, decreases your risk of injury, and boosts the blood flow to your muscles. StretchLab has made this important part of exercise accessible to all of us with 20- to 60-minute stretches (from 20 minutes for $25). Co-founders Saul Janson and Tim Trost had been training with each other for many years, including stretching each other prior to or after working out. With a stretching partner, Saul’s stretches were deeper, more effective, and he often found himself wanting to be stretched on days that they did not work out. StretchLab was the answer to finding a place for just a stretch. With Steve Sudell, a physical therapist, on board with Saul and Tim, they hired a group of personal trainers, massage therapists, and yoga instructors to join StretchLab as flexologists, who will provide you with the deepest of stretches.

Stretch Lab

512 Rose Avenue, Venice,

CA 90291




Kippy Ki-Yi-Yay! 

 Who would have thought health issues would lead Kippy Miller to open an ice cream shop? Miller was constantly having headaches and migraines, but was averse to medication. She dove headfirst into research and found she could possibly cure herself with her diet. Fast-forward eight years, and Kippy’s! is now in full swing in Venice Beach, serving 12 flavors of delicious, organic, non-dairy ice cream daily. All of the sweet treats are made with raw honey or dates and coconut cream and organic local fruits, and promise to not leave you feeling sluggish. Miller’s main goal is to provide healthy ice cream that leaves her customers happy, a philosophy just as simple as the ingredients that go into her ice cream. WE 

Kippy’s Ice Cream


Kippy’s Organic Non-Dairy Ice Cream Shop 

245 Main Street, Venice, CA 90291 






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