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Acme5 Lifestyle

Acme5 Lifestyle

Acme5 High Desert Style

Acme5 Lifestyle is an ever-evolving experiment; a Field of Dreams build-it-and-they-will-come endeavor. Starting with the first store on Lincoln Boulevard in Santa Monica, dubbed the “Urban Oasis,” creative director and designer Anton Goss has created a unique and interesting retail experience. He is currently a sought-after television production designer, with credits that range from Shark Tank and The Ellen DeGeneres Show to The Voice. Goss enjoys the fast-paced world of television design, but something more hands-on and tactile was calling...

Shop Like Locals on Montana Avenue

Shop Like Locals on Montana Avenue

This Holiday Season Shop Local Enda King 


Enda King an Irishman from Dublin with a keen sense of fashion, brought his stylish duds to Abbot Kinney Boulevard when he opened his flagship Enda King Men in 2005. The boutique became an instant success, frequented by celebrities, locals, and travelers, so King expanded with an eponymous new boutique last summer on Santa Monica’s happening Montana Avenue. Enda King is an inviting space...


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